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Mysterious Germinals Game Description:

A long time ago there was a village which was far away from everywhere. There were 6 mysterious plants in the village.These plants gave a big power to villager. The objective in this game is to grow up that 6 plants.You are going to bind the different germinals so you will grow up 6 mysterious plants.In MA?N menü there is growing room.All materials you need in SUPPLIES. In COLLECT there is a collecting insect room.In SEEDS you can find germinals, in NURSERY you can sell plants which yo have grown up.If your computer has not got any problem about browser cookiler your plants continue to grow up when your computer closed.When you want to grow up a new plant you must put some soil and some water in flowerput. In the game pollinate is important point so that you can have a new plant.Good luck..RlXOYUN..

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